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Hannah Mermaid Dreams Fantasy Into Reality

Photo copyright Kristian Schmidt 2012

Your eyes do not deceive you... a magical mythical mermaid has taken form in our modern realm. With numerous creative undersea adventures, this mermaid travels the globe to be the focal point of stunning imagery in print and in film. The ethereal  'Hannah Mermaid,' is the world's premier professional mermaid and underwater dancer. In thoughtful collaboration with photographers and filmmakers worldwide, Hannah Fraser brings attention to the endangered species of the world's oceans in a most daring and alluring way. I have asked Hannah to allow me to use some of the images from her website to highlight her unique life's work. Hannah has graciously given me permission to share with you some of the most spectacular and exquisite photographs you will ever view. Dive in and enjoy! Lose yourself in the videos lower down on this page and enter an enchanted world few of us get to experience or even understand. You will be entirely mesmerized! Artists paint and illustrate lovely mermaids... although they cannot compare to the reality of this visionary fantasy come true!

Photo copyright Kristian Schmidt 2012

Many of the talented photographers and filmmakers who work with Hannah share her mission to help the creatures of our world's seas. Links to the talented photographers' sites are at the end of this post. Be sure to visit these accomplished professionals and you will be amazed and fascinated at what you will see! You will find an abundance of incredible images in their underwater portfolios. 

Photo copyright Kristian Schmidt 2012

Beyond Hannah's obvious natural beauty there is much she had to learn and endure to give those photos underwater magic. Imagine holding your breath underwater. How did your face look? Kinda like a puffer fish? How long can you do breathe underwater before popping up to get air? Training herself as a young girl in underwater breathing techniques, Hannah Fraser now does free diving, has her scuba certificate, and knows how to buddy breathe when on deep dives wearing her tail. On one photo shoot she had to be tied to a rock on the cold ocean floor only getting air from her buddy in between takes. In addition to needing a constant source of air, you must consider that ocean currents, waves, sharp rocks, and sharks, can be hazards in this unyielding environment too. Yet, what results is this extraordinary miraculous communion with whales and manta rays, captured by the tenacious photographers and filmmakers of the daring Hannah Mermaid. Totally comfortable in her under sea environment, Hannah's art and skill makes what she does look completely effortless. Hannah easily reflects natural emotion and fluid elegance interacting with her large sea companions.

Photo copyright Shawn Heinrichs 2012

Hannah Mermaid's true gift is that she allows us to imagine we could be freely floating beneath the sea among the captivating creatures along with her. Hannah comments, "I'd like to help awaken people to their personal experience of creative play, where the lines of fantasy and reality blend. Being a mermaid is my lifelong expression of joy. I hope everyone finds their own passion...  and lives it!" 

Photo copyright

Always drawn to the sea, this creative goddess drew her first mermaid at 3 years old, and constructed her first mermaid tail at age nine from an orange tablecloth. Child soul vision made manifest!

"Hannah age 9" Credit:

Hannah continues to create the handmade gorgeous sparkling tails she wears herself! 

Photo credit:
Observe the sensational gifted work Hannah does in making her own mermaid tails in the photo collage above! She does not make mermaid tails for anyone else as the money needed for materials, the difficulty in fitting to the body, and it's taking four months of time to construct is prohibitive... unless you have $20,000.00! There are tips on her FAQ page if you'd like to give it a try at your house!

Painting copyright by Hannah Fraser

A modern Renaissance woman Hannah is a fashion model, performance artist, environmental activist, artist, costume designer, photographer, educator, and a professional mermaid. Pretty darn cool!

Photo credit:

Living as a mermaid is a vision Hannah has held in her mind since childhood. She lives her unique dream with passion! Be sure to go to the Hannah Mermaid website and read the FAQ page to learn more interesting details about being an actual professional mermaid. Not your average job; there are many variables to consider before making the plunge.

Photo copyright Shawn Heinrichs 2012

Hannah explains her life mission in this way: "Being in the ocean is where I feel the most free and expressive. You can feel the connection and abundance of life around you as they move with the same currents, work symbiotically to survive, and adapt to suit their environment. Most sea animals are curious and interested in the humans that enter their world with respect. The ocean is the birthplace of life on Earth, and if I can be a visual link to inspire other humans who have become disconnected from this amazing world, I feel I have done something worthwhile."

The whale population has been pushed towards extinction and even with bans on hunting whales, many nations continue to kill these gentle giants. A film short called 'Betrayal' speaks to the sadness, starring Hannah Fraser and humpback whales, it was filmed by Shawn Heinrichs and is on Vimeo. 

The whale shark in photo below is the world's largest fish and was part of the first conservation fashion shoot between Sean Heinrichs, Kristian Schmidt, and Hannah Fraser.

Photo copyright Shawn Heinrichs 2012

The gentle lyrical Manta Rays are often wrongly confused with the sting ray that killed Steve Irwin. Divers and snorkelers know better, and look forward to their exciting encounters with this huge graceful animal. Unfortunately the Mantas are being over fished for their gills, and their limited reproductive biology cannot keep up with the demand. Witness the video below to see the elegance of Hannah Fraser and the manta together in 'Mantas Last Dance.'

Mantas Last Dance from Blue Sphere Media on Vimeo.

Along with bringing attention to whales and manta rays by her spectacular photo shoots and film work, Hannah dedicates a percentage of her earnings as a mermaid towards ocean conservation charities. Some of the key people involved in the conservation process have been photographer Kristian SchmidtShawn Heinrichs, Richard Branson, Blue Sphere Foundation and the un-named capable crews of people that are needed to create such important artistic projects. Many dedicate their time and work towards the end goal of protection for these magnificent giants of the sea. Below the brilliant Emmy Award winning film maker and photographer Shawn Heinrichs talks about making an underwater film, and his concern to protect the endangered creatures of the sea that propels his work forward. Please go to this Blue Sphere Media blog page to view more images and learn more about the environmental projects of Shawn Heinrichs. Now is the time to bring your voice to help these creatures of the sea thrive and survive by clicking through the links listed at the end of this post.

The making of "Mantas Last Dance" from NINETEEN87 on Vimeo.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek at an unusual performance artist that creates not only fantasy art in real life, but uses her beauty and talent to bring sobering attention to the oceans' environmental issues! Please visit Hannah Fraser's website to learn more about her inspiring work and continuing creative projects. May your dream bring you as much joy as this living mermaid brings to others!

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