Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stringfellows Is My New Favorite Handmade Font

I want to share with you this awesome handmade font designed by Nicky Laatz which she called 'Stringfellows'! Absolutely gorgeous!!! We bought this font and I actually used it on a couple of projects last year. And I have a feeling that it is going to show up on a few more designs this year too! I am totally in love with this typeface! 

Now you are in luck! I just found out that you can get this font for 10% off its regular price over at 'Creative Market' during their Top 100 feature sale. Although I assure you that the 'Stringfellows Typeface' is worth every bit of its full price tag that we paid too.

When hubby and I recently redesigned the 'Ben Sherman Classical Guitar' website to make it responsive on phones I used this typeface on the page button links that you see below. I am so happy with the look! I think 'Stringfellows' fit perfectly with the modern handmade feel I created for the website.

'Stringfellows' comes with lots of useful glyphs, words, and ornaments, in addition to the usual alphabet and numbers. This typeface is so much fun to play with when designing! Nicky did such a super job that this font became 'Creative Market's' number one selling product for 2014! Wow! You go girl! 

Below is the fresh new header I created for my Food blog 'The Queen's Table.' As you can see this versatile handmade typeface also goes fantastic with the Nicky Laatz watercolor effect kits. Love her watercolor Photoshop styles! Super quick and easy! These genius design kits are such a time saver!

Go check out this typeface and  Nicky Laatz's other handmade design elements in her Creative Market Store. Below is a great design she made to promote the typeface using a watercolor mask. I know that you will certainly fall in love with 'Stringfellows' and Nicky's sense of design too! Have fun fellow designers!!!!

Check out my next post here with a free cheat sheet for the Stringfellows ornaments!


  1. thanks for that. i just downloaded her font last week. I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect the extra ornaments/swirls are... Could you give me an example of maybe how you did the "g"? thanks! blondiebabe_4@hotmail(dot)com

    1. I will try to do something in the next few days after the weekend.