Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ben Sherman Classical Goes To The Library

You would expect to see Ben Sherman play Classical Guitar at Special Events and Weddings. That is the usual picture in the mind, to have serious looking people playing beautiful music dressed in formal wear at a posh location. Right?

Then would you believe sometimes Ben Sherman's Classical Guitar turns up at Maryland Libraries for recitals to sooth the savage book beast! Yes it is true! Listening keeps the unruly library patrons not only quiet, but relaxed too! Just kidding, but they do find the music soothing.

Yesterday this branch of the Enoch Pratt Library performance was a show and tell about classical music just for children. Talk about your versatile performer! Thursday it's classical guitar for children, Friday it's a late night acoustic gig at a large club, Saturday it's an acoustic wedding with his duo, Saturday night it classic rock electric guitar with Hectic Red and Sunday it's classical guitar at a wedding. To me Ben is a real Guitar God, capable of playing any style of music to the highest of standards on classical, acoustic or electric guitar. Usually seen by fans looking like the photo below. 

But really now.... how cute is that photo above!?!!! The children of Forest Park crowned Ben Sherman King! Spending most of his days as a professional guitar instructor Ben is a natural teacher with the curious children, patiently explaining the various nuances of playing Classical Guitar. He even stayed later to serenade their Storytime! The story was Little Red Riding Hood. At home on the big stage, or in the library story corner, Ben is always my King!

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