Monday, April 19, 2010

Spectrum Rocks Again

My husband Ben Sherman's first band Spectrum just had a reunion concert at The Recher Theater in Towson. Local bands that were popular in the eighties got together to celebrate a club in the Baltimore area called "Maxwells."  The band Spectrum formed as teenagers in the mid seventies and began by playing high school and teen centers. Eventually the band toured the Mid Atlantic area with a full stage crew and were together for 9 years. 

I never saw Spectrum at the time of their popularity, as I was married and stayed home.  Really...  I never went anywhere back then, even though I lived near Maxwells.  Gee that was a very boring lifetime ago.  Life has changed for the better.  I love live music, and my life now is full of musical experiences.  If I am not attending one of my husband's gigs, then we are out at festivals, or concerts enjoying live music.  This night would be my first time at a Spectrum band show.  What would it be like?  

I remember when I moved to the Baltimore area reading a paper and seeing an ad for a band called Spectrum.  Being a Philly girl all I could think was "why did this band name themselves after the Hockey and concert arena in Philly called 'The Spectrum?'"

Kinda funny, that word was so embedded in my mind from going to concerts at The Spectrum as a teenager, that I never thought of the word meaning anything else!  After a reunion show in 1985, twenty-five years later, the band Spectrum is on stage with its six original members.  When it was time for Spectrum to start their portion of the evening's program the crowd surged forward, and pushed me against the stage fence.  Slightly difficult to take photos that way especially when the heat of the room made the camera slide in my hand. I carefully tucked my camera bag down around my feet. 

Someone in the crowd said, "Here we go!  This is the main event." During sound check Spectrum sounded really good.  As soon as you put this band in front of an audience ...whoa...the energy is ramped up!  They respond to their fans with an infectious charismatic personality. The fans and the band have a rapport that is quite exciting to watch.  Spectrum sang and played their hearts out for those fans! The crowd came alive as Rock music filled the Recher Theater. Spectrum was tight, professional and didn't miss a beat! 

The large crowd happily sang along as Spectrum did a medley of 80's rock songs that they had performed at venues like Maxwells in the past. It was a powerful set and the stage came alive with these very energetic and happy musicians who were back in their element.  
It was easy for me to see why so many people were ecstatic about this reunion of their old favorite band. Another musician later told them their performance hit it out of the park.  Everyone I met after the show agreed! Spectrum had Rocked the House!

After Spectrum broke up, only two of the original band members, Ben and John, continued to be professional musicians.  Now the four other members are ready to rock again, and do some additional shows.  Their fans are thrilled!

So here I find myself with yet another band to shoot photos of and create images that are reflective of the band.  Since this band's name is Spectrum, I took the liberty of being very colorful on some of my images! Well now...I actually remember what the word means!

Spectrum is -
Steve Myers - Vocals, Guitar 

Terri Caperton Dougherty - Vocals 
Scott Caperton - Drums 
Barre Lankford - Bass guitar 
John Harrington - Lead Guitar 
Ben Sherman - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Spectrum is back, and ready to Rock....Again! 
You can visit them on Facebook at Spectrum Rocks.
Check Ben's blog about Spectrum at Ben's Guitar Wisdom
All images Crystal Visions


  1. Oh wooow, awesome info :D And i love singin, this is my passion, but now I'm mom, housewives and etc.. :D Awesome, and your Blog is awesome too.


    brydka Mystique

  2. Hey thanks Brydka! Thank you sooo much for stopping by from Poland! Your blog is an inspiration!

  3. Sweetie, I send you email again with prize, maybe check spam, because my first email I send you first day. Now, again. I don't forgot, trust me, I always send girls prizes the same day :) If not, send me email again please and have a wonderful weekend, I stay home to work a little bit ;) Love

  4. Okay this is getting freaky now, we seem to have a lot of parallels in our lives! I just heard about this reunion concert from a friend. My ex boyfriend was the guitar player for The Vamps, one of the other bands that played at the Maxwells reunion! We lived together for about 5 years in the 80's and I used to go to Maxwells all the time back then. I'm certain I saw Spectrum a few times back then, I remember the name clearly, but can't really recall a specific memory of them. My memory is not what it used to be!!! Did they play at Coast to Coast?


    Also, your blog looks gorgeous!!!

  5. Oh my God!!! This is too much! Ben says, that is off the hook crazy!!! What a small, small world. I must get down to your store, so we can meet! That big sale last week with the tents looked way cool. A must do for next year to be sure.

    Yes,'Spectrum' played at Coast to Coast big time. They are doing more shows now, and have a full show coming up soon, back in their old hometown area. Eldersburg, Carroll County, at Cobblestones, Saturday,June 5th.

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog design Karen. Means a lot coming from you! There are some of your vintage images in this collage along with my own creations and paintings.

  6. Yes, it's too funny!! At first I was going to comment on your post about the Faerie Oracle Deck, as I have an Angel Deck that I use, and love, and I thought "what a coincidence!" And then I read down a bit further and found this other even bigger coincidence!
    I think I did see Spectrum at Coast to Coast, that rings a bell for sure!
    I think you would like the Spring Market it is a really fun weekend. There's a smaller one at the end of the Summer, called The Lucketts Fair, it's geared more towards crafters than antiques, also lots of events for kids. That's a fun one too!
    It would be fun to meet some time!